Specification for the use of assembly lines for automobile headlights

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The operation specifications for the production and assembly line of automobile headlights are as follows:

1. The assembly line must pay attention to its installation environment. Please pay attention to safety when using the painting line. In the process of setting up the coating production line, traditional Chinese medicine shall not be set in the dangerous area, and the setting environment must lead to places other than open doors and Windows. The horizontal distance must be within 3m and the vertical distance must be within 1m.

2. Special attention should be paid to the assembly line in use. Assembly line from the start of the production line, after pretreatment, electrophoresis, grinding, cleaning, painting, drying, cooling and other processes, in the transport between these processes set guard rails and warning signs, prohibited employees into the assembly line factory, enterprises should be in the corresponding area with prohibited labels.

3. The assembly line needs regular inspection and maintenance during operation. Assembly lines found that every year, qualified companies must determine the concentration of toxic and harmful substances in the workplace, strengthen ventilation or take corresponding measures.