The transformation and influence of automatic production line

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Different types of production lines are mainly determined by the types, shapes and volumes of products produced on the production line. According to its function and structural characteristics, it is usually divided into five parts, namely, the mechanical ontology, the information processing system, the actuator, the interface part and the detection part.

Each kind of automatic production line has four basic functions: driving, controlling, detecting and running. Normally, the driving function is mainly operated by the motor, solenoid valve, hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder and robot, robot hand, etc. The control function is mainly completed by computer system, PLC and single chip microcomputer system.

They detect the position of each sensor placed on the production line, save the feedback signal, data processing and transformation, and then issue instructions through the corresponding interface circuit to complete the operation; The detection function is mainly realized by the combination of sensors with various functions, which mainly collect the speed, temperature, pressure and other data information of the main parts of the production line. The running function is mainly powered by a power or power source.

It can be seen that the improvement process of automatic production line, is through the use of computer processing technology, PLC technology, frequency conversion technology, motor drive and other advanced technical means of joint operation, replace the completion of manual operation in the production process, semi-automatic operation, at the same time on the production line automation equipment update and improve the process.